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Kettle Corn Recipes

Our kettle corn recipe consists of about 24 ounces of soybean oil, four pounds of yellow hybrid popcorn (Ohio Grown), and just the right amount of special seasoning.  We start each batch as soon as we have completed the previous batch by putting our  soybean oil in the kettle. That does two things, one it pre heats the oil for the next batch, and two it coats the bottom of the kettle so the remaining sugar from the previous batch does not burn on the bottom of the kettle.  It is the same idea as seasoning a cast iron skillet.  I see people wipe out there kettle after every batch.  This is not the correct way to make delicious kettle corn.

We let the popcorn warm up till it is just about to pop, and add our seasonings.  We close our lid on the automatic stirrer and let it pop.  Our kettle corn comes out perfectly batch after batch thanks to the stirrer we installed several years ago.  We complete the batch by salting to perfection with our favorite Morton's Popcorn Salt.

Our kettle corn is so addicting people have made it a tradition to come to the special events we attend, just to purchase our gourmet popcorn.

The next time you see Holcomb's Classics at an event stop in and grab a handfull of samples.