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We will soon be adding popcorn tins, nut tins ,and  Amish made gift baskets to the web site.  We will be offering our cinnamon almonds, candied pecans, and cinnamon cashews.  We will also have 3.5 gallon popcorn tins that can be filled with...


Almonds are one of the healthier snack foods available today.  Almonds are a good source of fiber, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin e, magnesium, copper, and healthy proteins.  Some of the health benefits of suggested by eating almonds are...


Contrary to the weather man we are fast approaching the festival season.  We will again be attending Alive.  It is a Christian based music and seminar festival. We will also be attending Stan Hwyet, and Roscoe Village again this year.



We are once again donating gift bags of kettle corn to Norwayne Middle School.  We have donated our gourmet popcorn to the Power Of The Pen competition at the school for a number of years.  The kettle corn is given to the judges as a small token...


There are many different recipes for caramel popcorn. Many of caramel corn machine manufactures have their own pre bagged mixes that you just add water to.

We have perfected a recipe that includes white and brown sugar, molasses, salt,...


Our kettle corn recipe consists of about 24 ounces of soybean oil, four pounds of yellow hybrid popcorn (Ohio Grown), and just the right amount of special seasoning.  We start each batch as soon as we have completed the previous batch by putting...


Our cinnamon roasted almonds, pecans, and cashews are made from the finest raw nuts money can buy. Each batch is cooked in our German Made Mandelprofi Nut Cookers to insure a perfect glaze.  We coat the nuts with a fine glaze of caramelized sugar...


We are getting a lot of request for wedding favors and bulk product for wedding snacks.  Make your next party , wedding, or special event a hit with our products. 

We will provide special pricing for bulk orders. 

We can also...


We have added a 16 ounce size to all of our cinnamon roasted nuts. 

Nuts are healthy and a great treat for your family and friends!


I would like to thank all of our customers for their patronage in 2013.

We hope to see you all again this year.

Happy New Year!!


Rich Holcomb